Since 2015, Overseas Solutions Ltd. offers engineering consultancy services, technical advice and support through full project cycle for several clients.

The Company has the capability to plan an entire project via well-argued method statement and execution plans. A designated quality and HSE plans are developed for each project performed regardless its size or timeframe.

We have successfully carried out and delivered engineering projects during its full cycle such as:

  • Concept and Appraise
  • Pre-FEED, FEED and Select
  • Detailed Design and Execution
  • Technical Support and Consultancy
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Tender Support
  • Offshore Support

Overseas Solutions Ltd. focus and excel in the following Fields:

  • Offshore and Onshore Pipelines
  • Wall Thickness and material Selection
  • Coating Selection and Cathodic Protection
  • On-bottom Stability
  • Free Spans and Fatigue Analyses
  • Protection Assessment
  • Trench and Backfill Definition
  • Expansion and System Isolation
  • Global Buckling Analyses
  • Subsea Systems and Hardware
  • Integrity Management Systems
  • Fit for Purpose Analysis
  • Defects and Anomalies Assessment
  • Offshore Installation
  • Flow Assurance
  • Process Solutions
  • Field Architecture and Routing
  • Brown Field Evaluation and Development
  • Survey and Field Data Analysis
  • Inspection Data Investigation
  • Repair and Remediation Works Definition
  • Risers and Tie-in Design
  • Stress and FE Analyses