Category: Research and Development

Reshaping Workplace

For decades, engineering industry was a 9 to 5 job. Firms relied on assembling task force in a physical workplace, and distribute day to day activities in order to deliver. With current world challenges, working at home became the only way to keep people safe and avoid work disruption.

The industry – so far – did not accept working remotely as basis to build project teams, but today, it had to put many teams at home in an unprecedented project management decision. Luckily, today’s tools for communication and remote working are not just better than what was available 10 years ago, they even more resilient with advanced features than 2-3 years ago.

Overseas Solutions Ltd. was the first company to appraise engineering online outsourcing as the basis of building project teams in 2016. There are numerous benefits for virtual task force on project cost, and quality. Furthermore, virtual teams have more availability and there are more metrics to measure day to day progress, unlike what design houses think.

We are proud that what we foresee few years back is happening now, and we anticipate that design firms will consider virtual teams as in many upcoming projects.

Energy Transition

Overseas Solutions commenced last year a wide-scale research in energy transition. The basis of research is re-utilising of fossil fuel infrastructure in renewable developments. This project is another cornerstone to reduce CO2 emissions and pave a smooth transition towards clean energy.

The research is in collaboration with independent consultants and University College of London. Contact us for further information.